Yard Sale Time

Looks like we are having a yard sale tomorrow at Dad’s place. His house gets alot of traffic being across from the park. I have spent 2 evenings going up and down the attic stairs hauling stuff down and loading it onto the trailer. Needless to say my rear end and legs are killing me this morning. All the more reason I’ve decided to move the treadmill back out and put it next to my new stand up washer and drier downstairs. I spend so much time down there doing laundry and everything is cleared out now so I’ve got plenty of room. With the satellite TV I can listen to all of my favorite Sirus stations as loud as I want while I'm working out and I love it. Brian has finished painting the walls and is very happy with the end result. The walls as you go downstairs were painted this hideous blue color and were dirty looking. It always looked like you were walking into a dungeon or something. Now it is bright and clean. I guess we will paint the stairs and the basement floor next. Anyway…it’s really looking up.

He is still working on the old laundry room area. So far the interior ceiling is out, and it is gutted. We removed the old window and covered it with plywood…I guess next we will be cutting the wall for a door from our bedroom into that area. I’m not really sure though…I am letting Brian handle all the details…this is his project. I will be so happy to get another bathroom though.

Anyway…I have tons and tons of stuff to sale tomorrow so I should have a really big wad of money by the time it’s all said and done. I have everything from clothes, to baby stuff, to microwaves, household items, pictures, dishes, weed eaters, Halloween decorations and costumes. I think I may even have a kitchen sink. So if you need any of that junk come on by.

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