Another Perfect Summer Weekend!

Well we had yet another perfect summer weekend! Friday night Whitney and I plugged our first watermelon. I had never attempted this before...neither had she. We used a perfect seedless watermelon and watermelon flavored vodka. We decided it would go perfect with Ribeye steaks, fried potatoes and onions and pasta salad...so Whitney decided to have a cookout at her place Saturday night...to give the watermelon time to sit. The food was yummy! For desert we had jello shooters.

After dinner and hanging out at their place we all loaded up into the Xterra and went for a drive...we ended up at Pat's house and had a big time there. Saturday night was a blast!

Sunday morning Brian and I decided to head out to the lake. It was awesome...the water was gleaming and so calm. It seemed as if we were the only boat and had the whole lake to ourselves. We went to our favorite spot where Brian fished and I laid out and soaked up the summer sun. Rascal enjoyed himself too.

It's hard to believe that Ryan started back to school this week. I know we still have the month of August but I will be sad to see summer come to an end.

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