Another fun weekend

Well we had another fun summer weekend. Brian's and Daniel's boss Rick got married and had a beautiful wedding in Johnson City and the reception following at the King's Ballroom was a blast. We (Me, Brian, Ryan, John, Kerri, Whitney, Daniel, Jimmy and wife, and Dale) all enjoyed ourselves. I even managed to get Ryan to dance with his momma.

As usual Sunday morning Brian and I hit the lake early and the water was like glass. We went to a beautiful spot on the lake (which is now my favorite spot) and he and I both had several good bites...but we didn't manage to get anything in the boat...at one point we were approached by the game warden who chatted for a bit...he gave us some pointers on what people were catching fish on that morning. He was also conducting a survey and asked us several questions about our day on the lake. He was a very nice guy...not what you'd expect a game warden to be like. Anyway...

Brian managed to get my last new storm door up and the new doors look sooooooooo much better than the old ones from the 70's did. Slowly but surely we are getting our little old house fixed up.

This week is race week in Bristol. Should be an interesting one. Whitney and I are planning on going to Food City race night and trying to get a chance to meet Casey Kahne. I hope we get in line early enough.

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