And another one!!!

Well we had yet another perfect summer weekend! This makes like 3 in a row or more. My cousin Pete came down from WVa he had never visited this area before and he loves Harley Davidson Motorcycles! The first night he and Paul were here they got to hang out with us at the house and meet Daniel, Whitney, (see pic)and GW...we had a blast...and a few beers. We laughed a lot. The next morning we got up and met Pete and took him to the All Harley Drags(see pic)...it was a really good time! Brian even found some new motorcycle helmets (see pic) that was a hoot! Then we took them to the Elizabethton Saturday Night Car Show...there seemed to be more cars than usual there this time...musta had something to do with the perfect temperatures this past weekend. Anywho...we wanted to hang out and listen to some music, eat and have a beer or two so we took them to Bridge's Cafe on the Wautauga river...we sat outside and I have to say the service there was outstanding this time...it can be a little slow from our prior experience but not this time...the entertainment was great too! Sunday morning Brian and I took our usual treck to the lake and cruised around and fished some...Pete was headed back to the mountains of West Va by that time. Needless to say by Sunday evening I was worn slap out but it was all worth it. I loved the weekend!

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