Only 13 Shopping Days Til Christmas!!!

Well Christmas is almost here & I can actually say I am almost done shopping. Usually I get an early start but not this year. I didn't start shopping until mid-November for my son who is very hard to buy for now. He isn't into toys anymore...he is almost 13 & more into music & girls. I got him an MP3 player and clothes, also a few cool items for his room. I have successfully purchased gifts for everyone on my list except for my dad & brother-in-law. But they shouldn't be hard to find something for last minute. I may just get them some gift certificates.
My husband and I went out last night and bought our Christmas present for each other. We bought a 46 inch, Toshiba, Big Screen, HD TV!!!!!! I absolutely love it!!! It has the clearest picture and the best color. I also love the sound that comes out of it because it has the surround sound feature built in. We only had to give $1000 for it which I thought was a GREAT deal! I think it is the best Christmas present EVER!
I watched the movies "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" & "The Fantastic Four" over the weekend. I loved "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"...thought it was hillarious as well as action packed! "The Fantastic Four" was ok but it is more my hubby's type of movie.
My son Ryan had a dance at school on Friday night so I enjoyed the quiet time. I went to Fred's and took him a lighter I had bought for him while in Tunica, MS last week. He absolutely loved it. We had a drink and talked for awhile...he wanted to know all about the trip. Then Robin came by and had a few Corona's with me. Saturday Brian & I laid around most of the day...slept until after 12pm then we went to the mall & shopped. Last night my sister Amber and her husband Ed came by before taking my neice Taylor back to her father's house. They had been in Blacksburg, VA visiting Ed's daughters. You see Ed is almost 50 years old and my sister is 30. Ed became a Grandfather over the weekend so they drove up to see the new baby. The funny thing is that my sister Amber is pregnant with their child. So they will have a grandchild that is older than their own child. Man this is a crazy world we live in.
Catcha Later!

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