Our Baby Turns 18!!

Brian and I are as happy today as we were 18 years ago when our little bundle of joy came into this world.  It's so hard to believe our son is now an adult.  Ryan enjoyed a whole weekend of celebrations.  He bought a sweet Ford F150 with his money and is so happy he finally has his own ride.  On Saturday his Grandparents from WV came down and we all went out for dinner and came back to the house for cake and presents.  On Sunday we had a surprise birthday celebration for him after Sunday night church service.  The pastor brought Ryan to the front of the church and after some words of advice we all went downstairs & our whole church family came together to welcome Ryan into adulthood.  On Monday the actual day of his birth he enjoyed dinner out with his beautiful girlfriend.  It's so amazing what a difference a year can bring.  We are so proud of where Ryan has been, what he has come through, and the potential for where he is going in this life.  Happy 18th baby! 

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