Make Sure You Clip Your Dog's Toenails Regularly

Ok people I cannot stress how important it is to regularly clip your dog's toenails, especially after the experience we had over the weekend with Rascal.  You see I made a mental note last week to give Rascal a bath and clip his nails.  Turns out mental notes don't work very well in your late 30's ;)  On Saturday Rascal and Bozo were running around our backyard having a BLAST!!  In a split second Rascal caught his nail on something in the yard and twisted it completely around.  He immediately started limping and it was so sad to see this.  He would not let us touch it.  We ended up taking him to the vet where they removed the nail and gave him a shot of pennicillin then bandaged up his little foot.  We were informed that this happens a lot even with house dogs because theirs can get lodged in carpet or a crack in a floor.  Rascal immediately perked up and is comfortably resting on the couch, as seen pictured above.  So please, please never forget to clip your dog's nails on a regular basis so you can avoid this type of injury for your pup. 

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