Happy Anniversary & Musical New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve this year was fabulously entertaining.  Brian & I started out our special day celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary.  I am so lucky to have married my true soul mate and I didn't think it was possible to love him more than I did the day I married him but I swear I grow more in love with this man everyday.

Later that night I decided it would be awesome to call up all of my neighbors who play instruments and have a musical New Year's Eve.  Two text messages later I had 4 guitar players, 2 mandolin players, a harmonica player and singer/songwriters.  We all headed down to Ryan's area in the basement, fired up the PA System and the amps and had an absolute BLAST!!! We sang, danced, and welcomed in the New Year.  It was awesome and I can't wait to do it again.  I am constantly amazed by all of the local talent around here and so many who share my love for music.

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