A Peeping Tom???? Really?????

My sister called me this morning to advise me on how no one in her house slept last night because evidentally they have discovered they have a peeping tom in their neighborhood.  I mean seriously...some idiot was dumb enough to go into their backyard, where there is a very large dog and go up onto the back deck and peek into my neice's window.  She had recently been having trouble with her blinds and wasn't able to fix them so when she went into the room last night and noticed a face in her window she immediately shoved pillows in the window to obscure the view and then she told my sister.  My sister went into to the TV room to tell my Brother in Law and when he went outside the dummy was still there and took off running.  Fortunate for the peeper he was able to out run Ed, who then got into his truck and drove around the area in search of the perp.  So what do you to if you discover you have a peeping tom?  I suggest investing in a trail camera one that hunters use to scout for deer.  We have a Wildgame camera at my house and it uses infrared technology to video or take pictures at night time.  The animal or peeper will never know it is there.  Get the evidence together and then Call The Cops!!!


Anonymous said...

I installed my web cam onto the laptop and put the camera in the corner of her window. I'll get em.

gogames2010.blogspot.com said...

can she and your brother in law identify the person? If it's not long ago, I'm sure they can still remember the face

TNAshley said...

I am not for sure if they can or not I think they are just going to try to catch the person on video if they come back :)