Noah turns Three & We set the chicks free!!!

Yesterday was Cinco De Meyo and a big day around our house. Brian finished up my lovely chicken coop...got all of the chicken wire up and raccoon proofed and then we were able to set the chickens out into their run area. It was so exciting to watch them scratch around on the ground and discover the world around them. I took a bunch of pics and video but these are my favorites.

My little buddy Noah turned 3 years old on this date as well so we had to go see him for a little bit. Took him a few little presents but we will take him his big present from Grandma Dee and Papaw Mike on Saturday when he has his official little party.

We had a very nice pot luck lunch at work also. We were raising money to support the Relay for Life program of the American Cancer Society. Make sure you arrange something like this at your place of employment. This is something everyone needs to support.

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