Update on YouData and my E-cigarette.

Ok...today was my first day trying out YouData and I made $4 in about 10 minutes looking at ads...the weird thing is that I actually found alot of them interesting to me and I almost ordered something from one of the sites because I liked it so much. So if you are interested in trying this out go to:


and sign yourself up...it's quick, easy and interesting...and hey...you get paid for it.

I also received my e-cigarette today and I am totally blown away by this device. It works exactly as the videos described and I let a few other long time smokers try it today and they were impressed as well. Anytime I felt the urge to smoke this afternoon I just pulled out my Njoy Npro Electronic Cigarette and puffed on it and stuck it back in my pocket. It has a hint of a tobacco taste and I was completely satisfied while (I almost said smoking it...but the truth is...you aren't smoking) inhaling and exhaling the nicotine vapor. If you smoke or have a loved one who does...let them know about this. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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