City of Elizabethton is STUPID!!!!

Every Saturday night during the warm months my family would jump in car and drive 30 minutes down the road to the small town of Elizabethton to the Carter County Car Club's weekly show. Check out this article on www.tricities.com about the town's decision to put a stop to this event, here's the link:


Makes no sense to me what so ever. Here is a small downtown area, which is indeed beautiful but you don't see a lot of people visiting the businesses on a daily basis. They had a show that came to the area every Saturday night and the streets and sidewalks were full of people, people who were visiting the shops, restaurants, and spending money. This weekly event even drew the attention of a national television show when Dennis Guage from "My Classic Car Show" came to the area last summer to showcase this area. So they decide to tell the car club that they can't hold the event there every Saturday any longer...they will be limited to one Saturday per month. So the Car Club decided to move the location to a business that would allow them to meet outside every Saturday. I don't blame the Car Club however the City of Elizabethton's so called officials need their heads checked they are STUPID!!!


webmaster@mks_blogger.com said...

I AGREE!! I have recently moved to Elizabethton -- and ONE of the many things I LOVE about this town is that weekly car show! BUT if the car club moves down the road to Woody's and that shopping center -- I would follow. And I'm sure Woody's would be excited to have the traffic.

I don't want the show to leave Elizabethton! It is upsetting that that the city council would pass something like this -- they know what that show means to the locals! I would revolt if I was a shop owner downtown -- but obviously not ALL shop owners are upset by this ruling.

TNAshley said...

It's a real shame that the people of Elizabethton, citizens and shop owners, weren't called to a town hall meeting to get their opinions, suggestions, and input on the matter before any action was taken by their elected officials. Elizabethton has a wonderful little downtown you would think the officials would want to show it off any chance they get.