Fake Facebook and Myspace pages

Who does this kind of thing? Recently a friend of mine started a facebook account after I went on and on about how much I loved the FB. I have gotten in touch with so many long lost friends and reconnected with so many people who I would have never dreamed I'd ever talk to again. I highly recommend the FB to everyone I talk to. But I'm getting off the subject. This friend noticed a friend request from someone he didn't think he knew from high school. This person who sent the request also sent one to one of his family members and a few other people he went to school with. So after asking around and looking through yearbooks they discovered that this person in fact did not attend their high school. When they asked the mysterious person who he was...the facebook account was mysteriously deleted. I also know of another person who created a fake myspace to try to lure a soon to be ex husband into saying something discriminating that she could use in court. Anyway...my question is...who the hell does this kind of thing? Someone who is desperate or mentally ill is what I think. People if you don't know someone don't add them to your Facebook or Myspace page. People who do this kind of thing and go to that kind of trouble to find out what you are doing on these pages or who you are talking to are in serious need of mental help in my opinion it's no different from stalking. For you people who do this type of thing I say if you care enough to want to know pick up the phone and call that person and ask them or send a friend request from your real identity, let them know you care, don't hide behind a fake...grow up!

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