Rhythm & Roots Photo Competition Winners!!!

Last night was GREAT!!!! My super awesome friend Cheri talked me into entering the Rhythm and Roots Festival's Annual Photo Competition and I never dreamed that out of all of those entries that I would get a ribbon for one of my photos. I knew Cheri would because she is very talented and has a great eye for photographic opportunities. Cheri and I met for the reception last night and we browsed through all of the amazing photos and then we spotted one of mine with a 3rd place ribbon on it. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! I was so excited! Then when we wandered into the back room where they were serving refreshments we saw the Blue Ribbon winning photos and there it was...my friend Cheri had done it! So she took home a blue ribbon in the monochrome category and I took home a 3rd place ribbon in the Best of Bristol category. It was a great night for 2 amateur photographers and friends.

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CMO said...

Truly a great night! We are champions my friend! LOL