Obama comes to town!

Yesterday was very exciting because the President of the United States came to our neck of the woods for a town hall meeting with the employees of the local Kroger's grocery store. My sister and her daughter came over and we were able to watch from right here on our property as Air Force One made it's final approach to the airport just a few miles down the road (which I captured on video) and as the president's envoy made it's way down I-81 we were standing on the back porch of my mother in law's house (next door) taking pictures, waving and hollering. It was exciting even for my husband who is not an Obama fan. As he said whether you like him or not he's still our president and it is not everyday that he comes to town and definately not everyday that he drives right behind your house. It was GREAT to see. My sister was very happy to have been able to stand 50 feet from his limo at the edge of the hay field while he drove by. Just had to share the experience...I'll never forget it!

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