My birthday ROCKED!!!

I will never forget my 36th birthday...it rocked! I have been blessed this year that's for sure. We got the pool open just in time too...My hubby, sister and friends threw me an awesome party. In attendance were me of course, Brian, Ryan, Amber, Taylor, Noah, Betty, Doug, Dad, Brenda, Jr, Whitney, Daniel, and Pat. They grilled out a fabulous dinner. I also got a bridal's veil hanging basket from Whit, along with a new shepards hook and the most beautiful hummingbird feeder I've ever seen, I got a manicure and pedicure gift certificate from Brenda, of course Dad took us to the beach already, Amber got me some beautiful picture frames, and lotions, and a scrapbook, Betty got me a nice shirt and some jewelry and more lotions, my mom sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers (by the way she is still recovering nicely from her knee surgery), my grandmother from Florida sent me a monetary gift and a beautiful top and some Lancome makeup. My wonderful husband surprised me with a new Canon RXI Rebel camera...I was sooooo surprised because it's very expensive and I wasn't expecting anything like that. He spoils me that's for sure. He knows me better than anyone though and I am fortunate to have him. I do wish that my Mom and my buddy Cheri could've been here but maybe next year. Anyway...I had a blast at my party...Amber made me a crazy birthday hat to wear...Noah helped me wear it that was a hoot! We played in the sun with my giant beach ball and stayed outside until the late hours of the night. Whitney tried out her new S.L.U.T.S (Southern Ladies Under Tremendous Stress) lip balm that I bought her at the beach...I think she liked it! Ha ha! This was definately a birthday to remember.

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