Spring is on the way.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Spring is finally here. This weekend was so beautiful. I even had to break out the shorts and then Monday and Tuesday too. Monday after work was really enjoyable. Renee stopped by and for the longest time we just enjoyed the sun and watched the robin's in the yard flit and flutter around. Then Whitney and Daniel showed up and then Amber and Ed and Noah, even Rick and GW...everyone was out enjoying the weather. We had a nice time visiting with our buddies. Tuesday Cheryl and I met at the track and walked 3 & 1/2 miles it was invigorating but I could feel the soreness this morning. Today the skies got gray again and the air was cooler definately a reminder that we aren't through with the cold winter yet. I'm thinking positive though...spring is definately on it's way!!!!

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