Snow Day with Ryan

The only thing I can say about today is BRRRRRRR! It was freezing. I woke up to a temperature of a balmy 7 degrees outside and the snow appeared to be stuck firmly to the road in front of the house. I flipped on the light to the back deck and out there it glistened like diamonds scattered in a blanket of white fluff...it was beautiful. I turned on WCYB (by the way my snow pic of the little red barn made the news Monday night...I did it again) and Marcus Lynch warned that if you didn't have to travel this morning you shouldn't. So I took his advise and decided not to make the trek to work today. So I put 15 pounds of ribs in the ultimate roaster oven that I got for Christmas, turned them on low, called the office to report that I wouldn't be there and I jumped my little hiney right back into bed and slept until 11:30am. It felt so good to do that. I never miss work so it was a real treat. Ryan and I took our good old time getting up and then we made a delicious Mountain Dew cake and 3 bean salad to go with our bbq ribs for dinner. It was yummy! Gotta love the snow days in Tennessee...we don't get that many.

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