A Houseful of Guys

I was way out numbered last night...let's see...there was Brian, then Pat K. and Jimmy came by, then Doug and Ryan, then Pat P. and James showed up. So there was 7 guys here last night and poor old me. Ha! It was fun. We enjoyed Fred's latest batch of homemade blackberry wine, and Pat's magic moonshine, we talked and laughed and just enjoyed everyone's company. It was a blast!

Today Brian, Doug and I finished installing the new laminate flooring in Betty's master suite. It looks soooooooooo much better. I am proud of us for getting it done...considering we'd never done it before. If you are contemplating hiring someone to install laminate for you...reconsider. You can do this! There are tons of videos and tutorials on youtube and other websites that demonstrate everything. You will save yourself a ton of money in labor if you do this and it can be done in a day if you have all of the materials.

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