Back in the Day...Electric Avenue

boom box drawing Pictures, Images and PhotosIt is so funny this morning Brian was working on the new bathroom addition and we turned the tv to Sirus radio and were listening to 80's music. Then Eddy Grant came on singing Electric Avenue. I immediately had a flashback to around 1986 I think. We would always take an annual trip from WVa down to stay with my mom's friends in Columbia, SC. We always had a blast there. They had 3 kids our age and a pool. The weather was always warm there. Anyway...I remembered the kids from their neighborhood and all of us standing on their front porch...we were in two lines on each side. One of the boys had a boom box...it was huge. We turned on Electric Avenue and took turns going down through the middle of the line doing crazy 80's dance moves like the worm, the moonwalk, etc...It was a blast!

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