Real Friends

I was reading the news on my PC this morning and ran across a little article that said, "You can expect to make 363 friends during your life but you'll only be able to call six of them your true friends, a survey has found."

It made me think about my circle of friends and how much I treasure them. Take my best friend for example. We talk everyday, most times more than once, we have fun, we laugh with each other everyday, I mean it...we laugh with each other every single day, sometimes so much it hurts! We tell each other secrets we don't even share with our husbands and never doubt that we can trust each other. I wouldn't trade her for the world and I know she is a true friend for life. She isn't superficial or fake, it isn't hard to be her friend, it is just comes easy.

But I disagree on the number this survey came up with. So who are my TRUE friends? I'm not going to count family but my mom is definately one of my besties for sure and my hubby of course. That would be Whitney Woo (mentioned above), Cheri (who I've known 20 years), Kelli (I've known all my life), Pete (I've known my whole life as well), Doss (a co-worker), Beth (known since high school), JR (my neighbor who is true thru and thru), the 2 Pats; Pat K. and Pat P. (both just top notch guy friends), Gigi (we've known eachother since high school and had our babies together, we've had our ups and downs but we've always known we'd be there for the other in the end), James (who is another top notch guy friend), and Kim (who I miss a bunch and who always loves to hear about my soap opera family struggles and keeps everything to herself), Tina (my hair stylist for 18 years...she's a wonderful human being), and David P (who I compare notes with about our terrible teens everyday). Hey...I think I've gone way over 6...let's go back and count and see how many are in my circle of true friends. That's 14...and I feel like I've left someone out...I hope not.

Well...I guess I have to end this post for now...Whit is on her way with a Pumpkin Bagel for me from our favorite place downtown. I love my friends!

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