What is wrong with people these days?

I don't have a clue what has happened to people these days... How can people live without caring about how their actions affect others? Why do people think that they shouldn't be held accountable for their actions when they do something wrong? Whatever they want to do or say to you is ok...it's like they don't give a second thought about how their actions OR words are going to affect someone else. I mean come on people...when you screw up...OWN UP!

Accountablity...one day we are all going to be held accountable for our actions...what then? Are we going to blame our actions on someone else?

I am just about to the point of giving up on people all together because it seems like there aren't any out there that give a crap if they cause other people pain. Too many people these days are all about "me, me, me...I, I ,I" all the time. What has happened to people who care about each other, who look out for each other? Who have each other's back through thick and thin, who tell each other exactly how they feel, the truth, and are admired for doing so.

Trustworthy...now there's another problem...are there any people left that you can tell something to and they can keep it to themselves? Whatever happened to that...can you really trust anyone these days? I am starting to doubt it more and more.

Apologizing...now there's another good word...when you hurt someone...and you know you've hurt them...or you've done something wrong...be accountable for what you've done and say three simple words..."I am SORRY"...It isn't a difficult thing to do. Don't go trashing the person you've done something wrong to in order to take the focus off of your screw up. Say I'm sorry and mean it.

Also if people apologize to you for something they've done...and you know they truly mean it...accept it and move on. Put whatever it was in the past don't throw it up to them everytime you get upset with something, this happens too often, between spouses, friends, coworkers, etc. If you work it out with someone don't constantly bring up the past issue. If they say they're sorry don't dwell on it. It's over.

Stress...there's another problem facing people today...yes people are more and more stressed all of the time...we live in stressful times. But don't use the stress you are under as an excuse to justify your mistakes or behavior.

I could go on and on with this one. I am really disappointed in people right now as you can tell. I mean I try to be a better person everyday but you don't have a snowballs chance in hell if everyone else isn't taking a good hard look at themselves and tring to do the same.

Let me add that if I have offended anyone by my rantings I am TRULY SORRY...I am not about hurting or offending people. I know there is goodness out there in everyone...but sometimes we need to be reminded that we can always do better. Also if there's anyone out there who I have done any of the above things to I am TRULY SORRY...and I hope that will be enough a sincere apology.

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stephanie said...

Amen, sister!
I wish I had the guts to write all that... there's so much I want to say... I'm just afraid of offending someone.