4th of July Fun!!!

Fourth of July weekend was a hoot! I really enjoyed Christy, Whitney and Daniel on Thursday night, oh and don't forget Doug and Jimmy...oh and I think I remember Dustin and a girl, and Lauren and GW being around too. Too bad Brian had to go out fishing and miss our drunken spactacular fireworks display...ha ha...it was crazy! Amber and Ed came by early on the 4th for Mesquite Grilled Chicken and veggies...it was yummy!!! We had to go buy more fireworks on Friday after the always fabulous Blountville Parade. I had to stand in line for an hour to check out with my 2nd load of fireworks, but we had to put on another show Friday night so it was all good. At least on Friday night we had 2 sober people to help us (Brian and Ryan). Actually Daniel helped to with close supervision while Whitney and I cheered them on...but we were far from sober. I will try to add pics to this post later. Saturday we had the picnic at Mike and Susans...their new house is lovely. I had sworn by Saturday that I wouldn't drink any beer but somehow Mike pulled and twisted on my arm so...well...you know:) Sunday was spent laying around by the pool to recooperate from the festivities. Another awesome 4th of July in Blountvegas!

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