Awww...aren't they sweet! Just thought these were great pics to share on my blog. Maybe someday they will be famous!

It's hard to believe Ryan will be 15 on Friday. It seems like just yesterday he was as small as Noah is in this picture. We are taking him to his first rock concert to see Kid Rock. He is really looking forward to it. Daniel and Whitney are going with us so it should be a fun night! On Thursday we are having a small get together at his grandparents house for pizza and cake.

Not much has been going on since my last post. We spent last week helping John put carpet in his new boat. We had fun doing it. We met some new friends that own a boat dealership and repair business and they let us use their facility to do it. They were a blast to hang out with. John was thrilled with the way his boat looked with the new carpet. Now he and Brian are ready for the warmer weather so they can enter the fishing tournaments. I am ready for the days of cruising up and down the lake in the sun!

Robin's birthday will be coming up after that and we are planning a big party at her boyfriend's house...it should be a blast. I will have some pics from that to post. They should be interesting...stay tuned.

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