We bought a boat!!

We will now be able to fish at the lake...I got a great deal on this little cream puff! We all have spring fever around my house...the weather is up into the 70's now and it won't be long until the lake waters rise again. Brian was tickled to get a boat finally. He plans on doing a lot of fishing.

We are currently living in a mess...last Friday morning around 3am I awoke to water in the floor all thru the house. It was a nightmare. A supply line under the bathroom sink broke and water went all through the house. So for a week we have had people in and out with huge driers and dehumidifiers and it is so loud you can't hear yourself think. Yesterday they tore out the floors and now you really have a mess...but hopefully we won't have much longer until our home is restored to normal.

Ryan had a great 14th birthday. He celebrated with his grandparents...Betty & Doug, Aaron & Brenda, Robin, Amber & Ed and Noah, and his friends Jacob and Allissa. We had pizza and he asked for a pineapple upside down cake with AC/DC Rulez on it...so of course I obliged him. It was a nice time. He got a card from his Grandmother Dee in WV and money from everyone. He is saving up to get a Gibson SG guitar so he needed around $800 and he ended up with $400. I think he has another $400 in savings so his birthday wish should come true in the near future. I swear all the kid wants to do is play the guitar! He's really good at it though.

Robin's birthday was a few evenings later. We celebrated it on ST. Patrick's Day by going to the restaurant that my sister works at. WE had great food, drank a few beers and listened to the band who rocked...they also had some little old guys with bagpipes who came in and played a few songs. It was really neat. The restaurant is on the banks of the river and it is beautiful!

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