Monday Mourning

I hate Monday's anymore...I think I have the winter blahs or something. I basically laid around all weekend & accomplished nothing. It was nice for a change though...we watched a lot of movies. We saw "The Island", "Alexander", "Four Brothers", "Red Eye" and "Stealth". I liked them all but "Red Eye" was my favorite. I couldn't believe Colin Ferril in "Alexander" too much male on male contact for my taste. It snowed and the wind chill made it really cold outside so we kept a roaring fire and stayed cuddled up in our blankets on the couch.

My hubby took me to TCBY for a yogurt on Saturday night while our son was gone with his grandparents. I did manage to get out yesterday too and go visit Fred for a few minutes. We watched the last half of the Steelers/Colts game. There for a minute I thought Peyton Manning was going to tie things up but it wasn't to be. That's ok. I hope the Steelers and the Panthers end up in the Super Bowl but we will see.

Here is a picture of my pregnant little sister. Only 3 & 1/2 months until our little bundle of joy arrives. I can't wait until it warms up some so I can get up to the mountain where they live and help Amber get the baby's room ready. I think she has a baby bed already. I really need to get busy and buy some more things for her. I wonder is it ok to have a baby shower for someone who had a child 13 years ago? I know some people think you should only have a shower once for someone of child bearing age. But since it has been 13 years can you have another one? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Until next time...cya.

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