It's a Girl!!!!!!!!!!

Good news from my sister. I just found out the other day that she is having a GIRL!!!! I am so excited. I will have a little baby girl around to spoil. Yeah!!!

Sometimes I wish I had tried to have another child so I could possibly have a daughter of my own but my husband and I just decided that one child was enough for us. I love having a son...don't get me wrong...but the woman in me sometimes wishes I had a little girl to share girly things with like shopping, painting your nails, doing your hair, dressing up, etc...My son & husband go 4wheeling & hunting together so I get left out alot. It's ok though...with the arrival of this little bundle of joy (sometime around late April early May) I will have someone to do those things with.

When my sister came by yesterday she filled me in on a little secret that everyone knew about except for me. She is giving the little girl my first name as her middle name. I was so touched & honored that she is doing that. I never in a million years thought that I would have someone named after me. She said our mother was disappointed that she wasn't naming the child after her but it is Amber's choice and for some reason she has chosen my name...isn't that cool.

Nothing much going on here other than that. There is snow falling today which is rare here in East Tennessee & I love it. Being from WVa I miss the almost constant snow in the winter. I mean if it's going to be cold it may as well snow a little. Last night we ventured out to the deck and got into the hot tub just as the little ice chunks started to fall from the sky. It was a perfect night to soak our bones in that hot water. In my heart I am yearning for summer though. I love it when I get to open my pool back up and lay out in the warm sun, tanning & swimming, or just lounging on a float. That is why I only work part time in the mornings too. I want to be off work around lunch time in the summer so I can hit the pool.

Enough of my dreaming of summer though...it's Friday and I am going to do nothing but relax this weekend. It will be great after all these weekends of shopping and holidays & family visits... just to lay around and do nothing. Enjoy.

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